Lillian B. Rubin

Sixty On Up:
The Truth About Aging In America

The Man With the Beautiful Voice:
And More Stories from the Other Side of the Couch

The Transcendent Child:
Tales of Triumph Over the Past

Tangled Lives:
Daughters, Mothers & the Crucible of Aging

Erotic Wars:
What Happened to the Sexual Revolution?

Families on the Fault Line:
America's Working Class Speaks

Quiet Rage:
Bernie Goetz in a Time of Madness

Just Friends:
The Role of Friendship in our Lives

Intimate Strangers:
Men & Women Together

Women of a Certain Age:
The Midlife Search for Self

Worlds of Pain:
Life in the Working-Class Family

Busing & Backlash:
White Against White in an Urban School District
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