Words for Lil from Memorial 8/17/14


Lil’s Family:

Just mom…
giving unqualified love.
My protector, my champion.
I ache for you so…

Lunches with Lil: meat rare, fries extra crispy, lots of lemons, be prepared to defend your opinions.
Blake Knier

A brilliant and persuasive woman whose unique perspective altered many of my previously entrenched beliefs.
Larry M Harrigan

Friday night dinners: Lil in her cat sweatshirt & slippers with a glass of wine, talking about books.
Margaret Hirsh

Lil was a GREAT great-grandma and I will miss her.
Ed Hirshknier

Lil’s Friends:

Lillian was my greatest mentor – my advocate and unrelenting barometer.
I will always miss her.
James Ammerman

I’m sure I’m not alone in calling her a force of nature. Goodbye, dear one.
Betsy Amster

Lillian was endlessly curious and acerbic: essential attributes for making sense of our crazy world.
Judith Barnard

So grateful I got to know you. Your courage and candor continue to inspire me.
Diane Beeson

Meeting you was like meeting the sky: open and welcoming!
Alice Cabotaje

She was quite a gal and we’ll miss her so…
Bob Cantor

Wise, gutsy, ahead of her time, honest and inspirational. She will always be missed.
Ellen, Larry & Abby Dubois and Emily & Jeremy deVries

Shopping together.
Purchase: designer blazer < cost.
Hated the buttons. Replaced them.
Cost: $$$$$$. Our Lil.
Diane Ehrensaft

Lillian was a multidimensional human with a gift of writing, empathy, scholarship and beauty.
Cynthia & Howard Epstein

We loved Lil –
Enjoyed our SNL “Saturday Night Live” political/friendship discussions together –
And in our hearts she remains the most alive!
Candace Falk

Lillian helped me imagine, I didn’t have to give up my politics for a PhD… & so much more…
Nancy Feinstein

Lillian remains my hero as a scholar/writer.
The wickedly funny email correspondence we shared is deeply missed.
Rosanna Hertz

Lillian was a big person–in mind and heart. Her work and her courage live on.
Deborah Gerson

Always in my heart as therapist, friend and straight-talking mentor who changed my life forever.
Abby Ginzberg

astute, stubbornproud, unflinching
table in a quiet corner
iced tea, extra lemon
Judy Goddess

Cherished memories of Lillian: hiking together, arguing together, gossiping together, each of her brilliant books.
Barry Glassner

Lillian’s life serves as a joyful reminder that the privilege of having a public voice comes with responsibilities — to learn, grow, and share it in the pursuit of truth and fairness.
Anita Hill

Lillian!! You were such a force in my life…   and the live of so many. You modeled taking on the powers at play at Wright, and in the world, with such clarity, style & fierce focus! Love always,
Lori Hill

Lillian profoundly touched the lives of all who met her and the thousands more who read her words.
Carole Joffe

I ease the ache for the sound of your voice, Lil, with a smile of celebration for your life -your uniqueness, your brilliance, your accomplishments, and your deep and enduring ability to love.
Dorothy Jones

Dim Sum at Yang Sing:
No reservation at the height of the lunch hour? No problem.
Bonnie Kaiser, PhD

insightful and of service,
an evolved life,
a stunning example,
Marci’s mother…
Elaine Katz

We have so appreciated Lil’s dedication and generosity for her grandson Blake and for expanding the family that loves him.
Maria Rosa Kaufman & John Littleton

Who was Lillian to us?
A beacon of lucidity.
A guardian of what was best in us.
A fierce example of courage.
So easy to love.
   Sam Keen & Patricia deJong

I know great women.
Lillian was one of the greatest.
She lives incandescent in memory.
Michael Krasny

Lillian lived a grand and admirable life and contributed immensely to the community.
Terry Kupers

You can take the girl out of the Bronx,
But you can’t take the Bronx out of the girl.
Harry Levine & Troy Duster

Twenty years of wit and insights and sharing laughter and heart connections… dear Lillian.
Jane Lewenthal

We loved Lil for her love, her mind, her critiques, and her incredible, expansive knowledge & life. We will always remember the endless discussions, arguments & agreements.
She was an original.
Ann & Ernie Lieberman

Thanks for the care and attention you give to me. You make a real difference in my life. Lil, you were my home away from home. I will miss you Xo…
Renu Mahale

Marci did you proud.
You would have LOVED this party.
Mary McCutcheon

Lunch with Lil was always a great mix of affection and debate. I miss those a great deal.
Mike Miller

In fifty years knowing Lil, she was brilliance, commitment, warmth, and above all fearless honesty.
Bruce Miroff

Lunch at Garibaldi’s with Dr. Rubin!
Peter Olney

Thanks Lil for being the first to welcome Bob and me to the Comstock, and for caring for us when we needed it most. The building will never be the same without you.
Love, Claudia Owen   xo

Thank you, Lillian, for making so much clear and lighting the way for us.
Maxine Phillips

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be counted among your many friends. Your footsteps are huge.
Craig Reinarman

There is no way to capture how much Lillian taught and encouraged me and confided to me as a friend.   I will always miss her.
Ruth Rosen

Lillian was fierce!
Patricia Ross

I am lucky to have had such a wonderful friend and neighbor. I miss you.
Fran Scher

Ach, Lilly
(Rejected name–you bristled–but my heart name for you).
Missing you.
Brave you, wounded you.
Scrappy you.
Lovely you.
Loving you.
Ach, Lil.
Sandra Shane-DuBow

In our exclusive 2-member wives-of-dementia support group, Lillian and I traded tips, jokes, consolation & love.
Alix Kates Shulman

A life force to treasure and embrace.
Charles & Rita Smith

What a dazzling incarnation of power and vulnerability with an infinite capacity for trail-blazing. Lil was a wonder!
Judy Stacy

Passionate, opinionated, loving, celebratory, our wedding officiant.
The struggle is over.
You will continue to inspire.
Rest, beloved friend.
Much Love,
Terry Stein & Chris Carmichael

Lil saw me as transcendent
And I knew she knew
Thank you
Amy Sullivan

The child needing love.
The adult who found it.
Authentic, incisive, devoted.
Lover of daffodils.
Jed Sullivan

Two weeks old
At the table with
Great-great-aunt Lil
So special
Max Sullivan

Lil was an example:
I recall Hank one time saying “he never felt more loved” (as a husband).
From then on I always listened to Lil differently.